Lonely Cups

This project captures drinks which were abandoned from their former owners. It seemed to me that the owner would barely pay attention to its content or appreciate it the moment he leaves it. Altough there was once some temporary relation to it, the object is now standing around without the one who has placed it there initially. You can say this circumstance exists with every object that was ever created or used by someone, and is visible for the public eye, but this specific object seems to convey more. Exuberance, forgetting of problems, joy, friends, hiding behind it or just having something in your hands. These drinks, empty or not, can be seen as a witnesses of a carefree life, which is celebrated with its fluid content. This witness sparks people at night and sends them into easiness for a short period of time, only to come back to normality soon afterwards. A sign of another reality, a parallel way of thinking, unnoticed in the normality of everyday life. However, after our work has been done, we dive into this world each time without realizing that we live two lives.